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Image by Christopher Luther


How is coaching different than therapy?

In a nutshell - a therapist's role is to help you work through your past; a coach's role is to teach you how to create your future - in a way that is meaningful to you! Similar to an athletic coach, I help you become the best version of you - as an adoptive parent!

However as a MINDSET COACH specializing in adoptive parents, my approach is truly unique!  From my hand-crafted framework designed specifically for your unique needs, to my personal experience, I know exactly what you need!

How can I start working with you?

The best way is to book a free call!  It gives us both a chance to meet each other and make sure coaching is the right solution for you! Once we've decided on a plan of action, then I'll walk you through the next steps to get signed up and start working through my unique 3-part framework. Let's go!

What should I prepare for my free session?

Bring a notebook, and an open mind!  If what you have tried isn't working, then come ready to learn and reflect. I walk you through a powerful exercise that will give you  powerful insight into your biggest stress points. Then we will discuss options for you and your family!

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