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It is so nice to meet you!

I help parents drowning in daily behaviors, putting out fires, and walking on eggshells with not only their children but also often family, friends, or even their spouse. I help to create permanent, life altering changes in the relationships that matter most. I didn't start here though. Read below to learn more about my journey. 

About ME














I am an adoptive and bio mom, former foster mom, adoption coach, speech therapist, and have worked in the autism field for 2+ decades.

I am also a Quantum Human Design Certified Level 2 Specialist. I know firsthand that raising children who are difficult to connect with, and who often display challenging behaviors, takes a huge toll on parents.

This can often lead to shame, anxiety, depression, isolation, and a growing loss of hope. I know this because I've been there. 

When I adopted my son, I had high hopes. I knew I could love him, and offer him a safe and caring home. And I felt that with my experience in the autism field, I was more-than-prepared to handle any challenge thrown my way.

Pretty quickly behaviors escalated in our home, and pretty quickly I swooped into "help-mode." I did everything I knew how to do to help - signed him up for every program and resource I could find, followed all the recommendations, literally DID EVERYTHING I could to help, and behaviors kept getting worse. 

As I grew exhausted from behaviors, I started noticing myself regretting and resenting - 2 feelings a parent never wants to feel. My actions weren't helping, and in fact my trying so hard was making behaviors, and our relationship, worse. 

I was a victim to my son's behaviors.  I was on-edge at work, waiting for the next phone call. I avoided family and friend gatherings. I cancelled dinner plans, small day trips and big vacations. I felt isolated, anxious, overwhelmed.  

To make things worse, I was beating myself up. I chose to adopt my son. The steps to adoption were not easy!  Adoption takes time, patience, money, lawyers, caseworkers, home-studies, and tons of emotional and educational preparation. I promised him a loving and happy home, but instead he has a home with many rules, tension, and a mom who has become so focused on behaviors.  Life was not fun.

I was at the end of my rope.

What I didn't know then - HOW I was showing up for my son was significantly more important than WHAT I was doing. 


I hired a mindset coach. 


Holy cow!  The change in my relationships has been drastic!  The other people in my life didn't have to change at all. I had to do the work on me, on my mindset, so that I could show up with unconditional love - no matter how the other person behaves. 

Once I started working with a coach, I knew this was the missing piece for me in learning how to show up for my son in our relationship.  I quickly learned that our relationship was so hard, and I was so overwhelmed, because trying harder was NOT the solution! I learned that I needed to break through my old ways of parenting so that I could show up for my son exactly as he needed - as a connected parent.


 I am a certified mindset coach, and can guide you to relationships that bring you joy. With my unique 3-part framework, I teach you the key steps to BE a connected parent. I can even help you get behaviors under control too!

What will you do when your life is full of joy, happiness, and peace?  I know I am loving it every day, and won't ever go back to my old ways of thinking, feeling, and responding!

Ready to take that next step? If you are fed up with being fed up, and ready to create peace, joy, and happiness in your home, book a free session. Your family needs you to show up as a connected parent. Let me guide you there.

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