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Does this sound familiar?

Happy Mother's Day

You chose adoption

You became an adoptive parent on purpose - it wasn't an accident. Perhaps you wanted to grow your family or you wanted to give a child a loving family. Or perhaps you began with foster care(like me!), and fell in love with a beautiful child in your home. You knew in your heart that adoption was the right choice for your family.  

As you went through the emotional rollercoaster of adoption - the paperwork, home study, lawyers, caseworkers, and so much more - your anticipation of your child grew!  You felt a bit nervous, but mostly excitement, joy, and anticipation. You imagined the time you'd spend together as a family. You knew you'd give your child all of your love - and you couldn't wait! You prepared a room, gathered the perfect toys and clothes. Your heart beamed with excitement!

And then the behaviors start

After some time, you started to notice behaviors. Behaviors you didn't expect. Behaviors you don't know how to handle. Behaviors that are causing you so much frustration, overwhelm, maybe even resent.  Your life seems consumed by behaviors. You are losing your compassion, and perhaps even becoming more reactive.

You feel victim to your child's behaviors.

Image by Timothy Eberly
Child Therapy

In response, you seek out all the help you think your child needs - therapy, school-based services, maybe even medication. You might even be to the point of hospitalization, intensive treatment programs, or inpatient programs. 

In your heart you know your child needs something different, but these are the resources available.  You try all of the things... and behaviors continue to get worse.

What else can you possibly do? You are exhausted, and are doing what the experts tell you to do.

What if I told you that doing more isn't the solution - in fact it might be part of the problem?

I offer you a different solution. One that ends with joy, peace and happiness in your family. I offer a solution that puts you back in control in your family -and it won't take more rules, more consequences, or more tears!

You've tried EVERYTHING.

I can help!

You have not tried everything - MY APPROACH IS DIFFERENT! I combine extensive training and hands on work with trauma and attachment, parent coaching, and a mindset coaching certification to create life-altering change in families!  Contact me below, and together we can determine the best approach for you and your family.  I can't wait to hear about your family :)

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